Ridgefield Patient Testimonials

Impeccable dentist in Ridgefield: Dr. Josephine Franzese, whose ingeniously well-blended staff of 13+ is comprised mostly of young adults in their 30s and 40s, with a few teenagers in their 20s, who interact seamlessly with her. They are smart, skillful, and their attitude — also fundamental to quality care — is as good as you could possibly ask for. They are totally focused, they miss little or nothing, they're totally at ease. You perfection addicts out there can acquire a 60–minute fix by visiting this place. Josephine F., who treats both adults and children, is brilliant as a practitioner and represents, to me, the gold standard for family dentistry. She features practically electronic brains, clarity, and genuine human qualities — like empathy — nobody acquires at Dental College. Certainly no algorithm would produce her. Actually an artist by training yet flexible by temperament, she doubles as a natural teacher who pours out a fountain of information, while conservative in her treatment recommnedations. With two children of her own, she clearly enjoys her younger patients. What is equally notable is that her entire team, in a practice founded by Dr. Dana Jones, gives you the "extra 10%". Maybe one visit it's a little more time, or a little more advice, or a little more scheduling consideration, than you are used to getting at other offices. But it's always generous, because they don't appear to do "average" here. In fact, they meet or exceed expectations year after year. This kind of consistency I have never experienced with any professional group of any sort — definitely not with lawyers, accountants, journalists(are you kidding?), politicians(not possible), or in two–dozen medical offices & clinics(with one oncology exception). The hygienists and assitants make a habit of backing each other up and imparting a lot of knowledge to patients. They have pulled their flawless show off for several years for McCaffreys. If you are bringing your children, these women will also display to your kids a combination of qualities rare today in offices — including graciousness. You will want to send your elderly mother over for dinner. Proof, once again, that all dentists are not the same. Let them know we sort of recommend them. – Roger A. McCaffrey

You are the best dentist out of them all. Thank you for taking care of my teeth with the check-ups and the splint. And again you are the best! –Emily Robertson, age 9

I have never loved going to the dentist more than I do coming to your office. Everyone, every single member of your staff and team, is a delight to know and interact with. I feel valued and so well taken care of by everyone. I enthusiastically recommend you to people who might be looking for a dental office. I mean it, you guys are great. I can’t think of anything you could improve on. Keep up the good work! –Susan Horgan

Your office has always been the most welcoming, caring office I’ve ever been to. I’m always telling my friends how much I like my dentist and everyone who works there. They then look at me strangely but that’s okay. –Ernesta Del Negro

Wonderful, peaceful,  and relaxing setting. I felt like I was waiting for a massage or facial when usually I feel complete terror going to the dentist. I am so glad I found this practice. –Alexandra Baker

Visiting your office is a very pleasant and friendly experience and while very professional, also very personal. I am always confident of receiving the very best of care and continue to be thrilled at finding such an excellent dental practice! I continue talking about my experiences and encouraging others to consider your office for themselves and their families. –Barbara Reidy

The doctors and hygienists make my children completely comfortable; and they seem to learn something about dental care every time they visit. We leave the office with newfound excitement and knowledge that my children then put into practice in their home care routine. I would recommend this practice unconditionally for both adults and children. –Elizabeth Cauchon

Thank you! I really did not want my children to be afraid of the dentist and I know in your hands they will not only NOT be afraid, they will love going to the dentist! –Imogen Slavin

Two years ago, much to my surprise, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. The diagnosis necessitated that I start using the “dreaded” Cpap machine. The machine did its job by exerting positive airway pressure (PAP) and kept me breathing consistently throughout the night, but the head gear and long hose were so incredibly uncomfortable to wear I dreaded hooking myself up! Dr. Jones suggested we try a Sleep Apnea mouth guard and it’s made a major difference in my life. The mouth guard is very comfortable to wear and in my case it has been 100% effective. I was retested for Sleep Apnea wearing the mouth guard and the test came back 100% normal, which proved the point. –Ingrid Ryan

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