How can you offer permanent crowns in just an hour?

At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we use CEREC technology to create your permanent porcelain crown. In only one visit to our Ridgefield office, we can treat your tooth, create a digital image of your crown, mill the crown, and then place it. With CEREC one-hour crowns, you do not have to worry about making multiple visits or wearing temporary crowns.

What can you do about my missing teeth?

At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we offer several solutions for replacing your missing teeth. We can customize a crown and bridge or a removable partial. If you are missing all of your teeth, we can do a full set of dentures. We also complete dental implant restorations.

Can you fix gaps and misalignments?

Depending on the nature of your dental issues, Dr. Jones may suggest the cosmetic dentistry option of Six Month Smiles or the more comprehensive approach of porcelain veneers. Six Month Smiles are comfortable, virtually unnoticeable braces that close gaps and straighten misalignments in six months or less. Porcelain veneers are thin shells bonded to your natural teeth that cover stains, gaps, cracks, and chips.

Do you have treatments for gum disease?

At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we use the latest in dental technology to treat gum disease. Our periodontal therapy returns health to your teeth and gums by removing calculus from your enamel and eradicating disease-causing bacteria.

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