Protecting Ridgefield Smiles with Preventive Dentistry

Hygiene & Cleanings

Even with the best brushing and flossing routine, you’re still vulnerable to the most common oral health problems. That’s why routine dental cleanings are essential for every patient. To enjoy optimal oral health, please visit our Ridgefield practice every six months for treatment. During your visit, we can clean your teeth and evaluate your smile for any problems that need to be treated. Our goal, as a preventive dental practice, is to nip any developing issue in the bud as quickly and conservatively as possible.

Dental Sealants

This special preventive service is designed to help patients protect their molars and the chewing surfaces of their teeth from decay-causing bacteria. Sealants are applied to teeth as a liquid and then hardened to form a thin but safe layer of plastic that physically shields them from harm. The entire process only takes a matter of minutes but can provide patients of all ages with years of protection.

Understanding Tooth Wear

Treating Bruxism with a Custom Made Nightguard

If you struggle with destructive teeth grinding caused by stress, our Ridgefield dental team can help you treat your condition with a custom made appliance known as a nightguard. Your nightguard will be designed specifically for your smile and will help you prevent the grinding and clenching that you can experience while you’re asleep. Leaving a serious condition like this one untreated can result in serious harm to your oral and overall wellbeing.

Athletic Mouthguards by Under Armour

Whether you play a contact sport or a much milder sport, an athletic mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment. And with a custom made mouthguard from Under Armour, you can do more than just protect your smile—you can also improve your performance. Under Armour’s unique design will help you reduce the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes fatigue. Play better and protect your smile with an Under Armour mouthguard from Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center.

Digital X-Rays

Making the most accurate diagnosis possible requires having a full, detailed picture of your smile. That’s why we’ve invested in digital X-ray technology. Taking an X-ray of your smile will show us parts of your smile that are harder to see with just the naked eye. Besides giving us a clear image of your teeth and gums, digital X-ray technology is safer and more convenient than traditional X-ray technology.

Emergency Care Services

Are you in the middle of a dental emergency? Call our Ridgefield dental practice immediately. Some dental emergencies require timely attention, which we always do our best to provide. Simply let us know the nature of your situation and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in. We’re also happy to offer helpful information for managing your condition until we can see you. Don’t put off essential care—book your appointment now!

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