Attain Perfectly Straight Teeth with Six Month Smiles in Ridgefield

At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we can correct misalignments with the Six Month Smiles braces system…

Six Month Smiles is a unique orthodontic system that can straighten crooked teeth quickly and comfortably. In fact, patients who use Six Month Smiles experience less gum irritation and have a lower risk of damaging tooth roots. The clear brackets and tooth-colored wires ensure that your Six Month Smiles braces are virtually unnoticeable. At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we can assess your teeth to determine whether or not you qualify for Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles in Ridgefield

Six Month Smiles work faster than traditional braces, which is why they are an ideal solution for correcting cosmetic issues, such as misaligned teeth and gaps. Six Month Smiles are designed to fix only the teeth that show when you smile. If you have an improper bite or more complex dentition issues, then Dr. Dana Jones and Dr. Josephine Franzese at the Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center may need to discuss other treatment options with you.

Six Month Smiles vs. Traditional Braces

The mechanics involved in straightening your teeth with Six Month Smiles are not different than those used with traditional braces. The difference is in the way each orthodontic system appears—or doesn’t—to someone who sees you. Traditional braces, of course, are made of metal brackets and wire. On the other hand, Six Month Smiles uses Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. While these braces are working to straighten your smile, hardly anyone other than you and your Six Month Smiles dentist in Ridgefield will know. These braces are not completely invisible, but they are far more discreet than the braces you are used to seeing.

Treatment with Six Month Smiles

Using Six Month Smiles, Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese concentrate on correcting only the alignment of teeth that show most when you smile. Ordinary braces correct alignment as well as any bite problems. This of course requires more time. If you are certain that your smile only requires cosmetic realignment, then Six Month Smiles may be right for you.

To make sure your Lucid-Lok® clear brackets are positioned exactly where they need to be on your teeth, there are Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits™. The kits are custom designed to correct your individual orthodontic problems. With these trays, Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese are certain that your braces will do the job of straightening your teeth in the best way possible.

During treatment with Six Month Smiles, you’ll need to see the dentist in Ridgefield about once each month. We want to check the progress of your treatment and make the necessary adjustments to your braces so your treatment ends on time.

Having a straight smile is not only a cosmetic benefit, but a dental health benefit, as well. Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean with daily brushing and flossing. So your smile will not only look more attractive with Six Month Smiles, but your mouth will be healthier, too!

For Ridgefield patients who want to cosmetically straighten their teeth gently and efficiently, we invite you to consult with Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese about Six Month Smiles.

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