Revolutionary Oral Cancer Screening with OralID

For decades, dentists and oral surgeons have screened their patients for signs of oral cancer, examining all tissues and surfaces within the oral cavity and searching for signs of abnormalities. Many of the older methods used to screen for this type of cancer included inherent risks and were prohibitively expensive for some patients.

High Tech, Low Cost

Finally, modern technology and scientific ingenuity have made it possible for dentists and clinicians to screen for oral cancer in a way that is accurate, effective and affordable. OralID, the most advanced and least invasive screening method available today, is Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center's choice for oral cancer screening.

OralID is unlike any other screening technology in the industry, utilizing proven fluorescence technology to detect potentially dangerous cells in the mouth without the need for disposable components. Because Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese are able to perform OralID screenings with the same light device and specialized glasses for each patient, you don't pay for unnecessary per-patient pieces or rinses. This means that we're able to pass along the savings to you.

How Does OralID Work?

OralID uses optical fluorescence technology to illuminate accumulations of cells in the mouth – cells that may be indicative of pre-cancer, cancer and other abnormalities. Your dentist simply shines a blue light onto the interior surfaces of your mouth, distinguishing between healthy and abnormal cells with the help of what look almost like normal sunglasses.

These two seemingly simple tools allow your dentist to see variances in lighter and darker areas. Any abnormal cells will appear brighter due to the fluorescent light and healthy tissue will look darker. The equipment is easily and quickly cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. There's no rinsing, no swabbing and no discomfort.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for oral cancer allows Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese to notify patients when there may be cause for concern even before problems become visible. As with all forms of cancer, oral cancer is most effectively and successfully treated when it is detected as early as possible. To find out more how OralID cancer screening technology may benefit you and your family, contact us at our Ridgefield, CT location today. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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