How Long Does It Take to Get Dentures?

September 8, 2023

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dentist holding out pair of dentures

Experiencing the challenges of missing teeth? Dentures are customized removable dental devices designed to fill those gaps, with the goal of reinstating oral functionality and aesthetics. Tailored to fit comfortably in your mouth, dentures deliver a lifelike smile, improved chewing abilities, and essential support for your facial muscles. If you’re intrigued by the denture journey and desire to dive into the process’s details, read on as we explore and shed light on the denture journey.

The Early Stages for Dentures

Commencing the denture journey initiates with arranging a consultation with your dentist. During this primary visit, your dentist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your gums and any remaining teeth to assess their condition. It’s crucial to promptly resolve any prevailing oral health concerns to ensure the triumph of your upcoming smile transformation.

Following the examination, your dentist will make precise impressions of your mouth’s ridge to gather the essential measurements for your personalized dentures. They will also assess your bite pattern to ensure an impeccable fit, potentially employing a wax prototype. This prototype will be forwarded to a dental laboratory, where your dentures will be made accordingly.

The Dentures Adjustment Period

Regular appointments with your dentist will be necessary to refine your prototype dentures until your ultimate set is ready. Missing teeth can contribute to jawbone loss and alterations in facial structure, primarily stemming from inadequate stimulation, which may also result from ill-fitting restorations. Your dentist will take the essential measures to guarantee that your dentures are meticulously customized in width and length, thereby averting these possible complications.

Final Steps of the Dentures Process

After your dentures are prepared, your dentist will make any necessary adjustments before fitting them. Adapting to wearing dentures may take some time, and if you face any challenges, it’s essential to discuss them with your dentist. Regular dental check-ups will be crucial to monitor your dentures, address any emerging issues, and make further adjustments as necessary.

Possible Teeth Extractions

The denture process typically involves several appointments for completion, and if tooth extraction is needed, it can prolong the timeline. It’s important to allow ample time for the extraction sites to heal, which may take several months. Once the healing phase is complete, your dentist will take impressions for your dentures.

Opting for dentures is a transformative decision that can greatly enhance your overall quality of life. They offer a newfound freedom to eat, speak, smile, and laugh with confidence and ease. In no time, you’ll be proudly showcasing a radiant smile that you’ll cherish and enjoy every day.

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