Dentures Restore Smiles of Ridgefield

Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center offer denture services...

At our Ridgefield dental practice, Dr. Dana Jones takes the necessary time to discuss your smile goals and work with you to map out an appropriate treatment plan for your dentures. Our team uses its his skills, knowledge, and expertise to create long-term smile solutions for you. If you are missing teeth, then dentures offer an affordable way to give you back a full and functioning smile.

Tooth loss occurs for various reasons, including infections and injuries. However, the number one reason for tooth loss in the United States is due to gum disease. Missing teeth create issues for your oral health, too. Your remaining teeth can shift and loosen. You are at higher risks for infections of your teeth and gums.

Without teeth, you may not be able to speak or eat well. Dentures can restore oral function, so patients can speak without slurring and consume healthy foods. At Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center we can create dentures that fit well and look good.

Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center is your place to get quality dentures. We are very detailed in our approach to making molds for your upper and lower arches. We are not satisfied with your dentures until you are. With our expertise and desire to create comfortable and well-fitting dentures, you’ll be pleased with the results.

At our Ridgefield dental practice, we can also help fit you for a partial denture, which fills in the gap by being placed on neighboring teeth. Partial dentures are easy to remove to clean your mouth, and to clean your dentures.

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