Do I Have to Be in Pain to Need Root Canal Therapy?

August 10, 2020

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woman wonders if she needs a root canal in Ridgefield

An intense, persistent toothache is one of the most well-known warning signs that root canal therapy may be needed. However, while most patients who need this common tooth-saving treatment will experience dental pain, it’s not a requirement. In fact, you may have a broken or decayed tooth that poses a threat to the rest of your smile, even if you don’t have a toothache! Read on to learn what other symptoms you should be on the lookout for and how a root canal in Ridgefield may be able to help you.  

What Other Symptoms Could Indicate I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Aside from dental pain, there are several other tell-tale warning signs that could indicate your tooth needs to be repaired with a root canal, including:

  • Tooth sensitivity: Sharp or lingering discomfort in your teeth after exposing them to heat, coldness, or pressure are all warning signs that your tooth may be damaged or infected.
  • Darkening of a single tooth: Since enamel is slightly translucent, a darkened tooth may be the result of injury or infection deep within the tooth.
  • Swollen gums: Gum inflammation can be caused by infected dental tissue underneath.
  • A pimple-like bump on the gums: A buildup of bacteria from an infected tooth can lead to a small, pus-filled bump on the gums, as well as an unpleasant taste in your mouth and bad breath.
  • Sudden numbness in a tooth: If a tooth suddenly goes numb, it’s likely because the issue has gotten worse, not better. Numbness is often the result of severe damage in the tooth’s roots or nerve.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Help Save My Smile?

Even if these symptoms aren’t causing you pain, leaving them untreated can cause major complications. Teeth can’t heal themselves, which means the problem could potentially spread throughout your mouth as well as your body, causing widespread damage. Thankfully, all these symptoms can be treated quickly and efficiently with root canal therapy. This treatment carefully removes all the infected and damaged tissue and replaces it with a warm, rubbery substance called gutta percha. This material works alongside a custom-made dental crown to strengthen the tooth and protect it from future infections.

Despite their bad reputation, root canal therapy doesn’t have to be painful. Your highly trained Ridgefield dentist can ensure the entire process is as comfortable as possible and no more problematic than getting a large filling. If you’re concerned about the health of your smile, talk to your dentist to see if root canal therapy can help!

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