CEREC Crowns: What They Are, How They’re Made, and How They Benefit You

July 8, 2020

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Woman smiling with CEREC crown in Ridgefield

Between a decrease in proper oral care and an increase in sugar-rich diets, Americans today are prone to tooth decay now more than ever. The American Dental Association estimates that 91% of U.S. adults have already had a cavity before the age of 20! Therefore, it isn’t surprising to hear that dental crowns are also on the rise. In fact, they are one of the leading treatment options to prevent a weak tooth from breaking or restore an already damaged tooth. Dentists today are taking this already popular solution to the next level by offering a CEREC crown in Ridgefield. Read on for what they are, how they are made, and how they can benefit you.

What Is a CEREC Crown?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This approach to restorative dentistry allows your dentist to use computer-aided design and manufacturing to create a dental crown at their own office! This bypasses the need for a crown to be milled in a dental lab, and it offers patients the convenience of same-day treatment.

How Is a CEREC Crown Made?

Although the first CEREC method was used back in 1980, few patients are aware of how the process works. However, it is important to be aware of how a CEREC crown is made because it is quite different than traditional crowns from decades prior. Below is an overview of the process:

  • First, a camera is used to create a visual impression of your tooth. (This replaces the previous approach of using a mold).
  • Second, the image is transferred to the CEREC computer software, where a 3-D replica is made.
  • Third, your customized dental crown is designed to fit your tooth perfectly.
  • Fourth, a milling unit is used to carve a crown out of a block of ceramic. (This process takes about 20 minutes).  

5 Benefits of CEREC Crowns

With its durable makeup and convenient process, it’s not hard to see why dentists across the board are suggesting CEREC crowns to their patients. However, they do have additional benefits to take note of. For example, CEREC crowns:

  • Provide patients with a same-day crown placement.
  • Bypass the need for a temporary dental crown.
  • Are designed to match the color, shape, and size of your teeth.
  • Strengthen the structure of your tooth and add support.
  • Can correct cracks, chips, and other imperfections.

Long gone are the days of needing long hours in the dental chair and multiple visits to restore your smile. With CEREC crowns, you can walk out of your dentist’s office after one appointment with healthy, flawless teeth!

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