3 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Dentist in Ridgefield

June 7, 2018

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dentist appointmentMany people don’t put a lot of serious thought into choosing a dentist in Ridgefield. They might just pick the practice that they drive by every day on their way to work, or maybe they do a quick Google search and schedule an appointment with the first dentist whose name pops up. Is that really a wise approach to finding a dental care professional? We suggest you do a bit of research before you visit a new dentist so you can be confident that you’ve found someone on whom you rely for all of your smile’s needs. Here are a few questions to ask that can help you settle on the ideal tooth doctor for you.

What Services Does This Dentist Offer?

Some dentists specialize in a particular area of dentistry, while others focus mainly on basic services. Think about your mouth and any past oral health issues that you’ve had to deal with. It’s best to choose a dentist who has the experience and training to address such problems.

Of course, while your oral health is the primary thing to consider when you’re choosing someone to look after your teeth, you may also want to think about aesthetics. After all, a beautiful smile is the best accessory. You may want to find a cosmetic dentist in Ridgefield who can whiten your teeth, straighten them, and provide other services to make your grin look like a million bucks.

Does This Dentist Accept Emergency Patients?

No matter how careful you are about taking care of your teeth, you might still find yourself confronted by a dental emergency. You want to know that a dentist you know and trust is ready to leap into action to relieve your pain and save your tooth.

Most dentists are willing to make room in their schedule for same-day patients, but some of them are only open a few days a week or have extremely limited office hours. It’s best to choose an emergency dentist in Ridgefield who has evening or early appointments available at least a couple days each week so you know that they’ll be easy to reach if you face a potential dental disaster.

Does This Dentist Work With Children?

Children have unique dental needs, so not every dentist is willing to accept them as patients. The last thing you want is to run all over town to different practices when it’s time for your family to get their teeth cleaned, right? Choosing a dentist who accepts patients of all ages makes it easy for your whole clan to get their smiles cared for.

We hope you put some careful thought into choosing your dentist, and we also hope you’ll consider us as one of your top picks! Dr. Dana Jones, the leader of our team, has devoted many hours to advancing his dental education in order to provide a wide range of services to his patients. He is always willing to accept emergency patients, and he’s great with kids. If you would like to meet Dr. Jones or ask questions about our practice, please contact us at 203-438-8919.

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