Dentures in Ridgefield Do More Than Just Replace Teeth!

August 5, 2017

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partial dentures tooth replacementDo you truly know the effects of tooth loss on your smile? Of course, many patients don’t feel confident in their smile anymore, but your health suffers as well. That’s why it’s so important to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible! Depending on your level of tooth loss, you may be the perfect candidate for dentures in Ridgefield. Let’s explore tooth loss and how Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center can help you replace your teeth with dentures.

Missing Teeth is Harmful to Your Smile

It doesn’t matter how you lost your teeth—it’s just critical to understand that they need to be replaced. Besides creating less than attractive holes in your smile, missing teeth can severely affect the rest of your dental and mental health. Let’s look at which dangers you are facing by missing several teeth.

Your jawbone health starts to weaken.

If you’re missing your teeth, that means that the tooth roots that normally stimulate your jawbone are also gone. Since that important blood flow has halted, it will begin to weaken the health of your jawbone and smile’s stability. This doesn’t just take place where the tooth once was, but it extends to other areas, putting your other teeth at risk for tooth loss. Missing teeth can cause an unhealthy jawbone and will eventually lead to an aging facial appearance.

Your other teeth will naturally shift.

When there’s a hole in your smile, the remaining teeth will shift overtime. Your remaining teeth could become crooked or overlapping, making it more difficult to clean. This could lead to tooth decay, cavities, or even dental diseases. Your bite could also change and you may need assistance from an orthodontic treatment to realign your teeth.

You will have to change your eating habits.

The loss of even a single tooth can greatly affect your eating habits. Patients dealing with these problems tend to eat easy to chew, processed foods. Since processed foods included more preservatives and have less nutritional value, you could experience systematic health problems.

Many patient’s confidence plummet after tooth loss.

Sometimes, some patients experience difficulties just speaking normally, especially if they are missing a front tooth. This can negatively affect how you feel about yourself and your ability to present yourself confidently. We believe every patient should feel confident in what their teeth have to offer them. That’s why we offer dentures.

Understanding Dentures

Here’s a fun fact for our patients: dentures aren’t only for mature patients! Although our older patients tend to make perfect candidates because they tend to have more cases of high level tooth loss, dentures can also benefit a lot of other patients as well. Dentures are a terrific way to replace several teeth or even a whole row. We offer two types of dentures to help our patients restore their smiles.

Full (complete) dentures—A full set of dentures are prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base. These dentures are ideal for major tooth loss.

Partial dentures—Partial dentures are used to fill the spaces in your smile. If you have missing teeth in different areas of your mouth, a partial denture can be created to just replace those specific missing teeth. Think of them as your personal puzzle piece to complete your smile.

Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center

Are you ready to replace the multiple missing teeth in your smile? It’s time to speak with your Ridgefield dentist about dentures. Contact us today to schedule the next available appointment.


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