Easy, Advanced Cancer Screenings by Your Ridgefield Dentist

April 19, 2017

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Your Ridgefield dentist uses OralID to screen for signs of oral cancer. “There’s no symptom of oral cancer per se. It could be a lesion. It could be a trauma from a coffee burn or you biting into your cheek. It could be ill-fitting dentures, hoarsens of the throat or voice, [even] bad breath. As a result, it often gets overlooked or misdiagnosed. So when they realize it’s cancer, more often than not, 2 out of 3 times, they’re catching it at a late stage, stage 3 or 4.”

Matthew Kim is the founder, chair, and CEO of Vigilant Biosciences. He has the right idea about oral cancer detection and works towards improving this standard of care, especially giving it attention during April, oral cancer awareness month. Your Ridgefield dentist, either Dr. Dana C. Jones or Dr. Josephine A. Franzese, also care about making oral cancer screenings more innovative, effective, and convenient during each dental visit.

Facing the Facts About Oral Cancer

Vigilant Biosciences conducted a quick survey of 1,050 American consumers and concluded that 68% knew little to no information about oral cancer. Only 36% of the participants were screened for the disease during their last dental appointment. That’s scary considering that 49,750 patients in the population will be diagnosed by the end of this year, most likely being in its late, most dangerous stages. The good news is that the study also found that most consumers want to learn how to prevent oral cancer and interested in how their local dentists can offer effective screening tools.

We Have Advanced Screening Technology

For years, dentists have screened their patients for signs of oral cancer visually. Usually, by examining all tissues and surfaces within your mouth and around your head and neck, dentists could spot abnormalities that were hidden to the untrained eye.

But, both of our dentists agree with Matthew Kim, “It’s that standard of care that’s so lacking that hasn’t impacted the high mortality rates that have existed for decades.” Instead of waiting to see an abnormality or experience mouth pain, our office uses OralID to provide the most advanced and least invasive screening method available in the Ridgefield area.

OralID Cancer Screenings During Your Dental Appointments

OralID technology is incomparable to other screening tools in the industry. It utilizes advanced fluorescence technology to detect potentially harmful cells in your mouth. When there’s a cell that could be possibly dangerous detected, the device will illuminate those areas. It’s as simple as your dentist shining a blue light onto the interior surfaces of your mouth. It’s easy both for you and your dentist. The equipment is easy to clean. Ultimately, our dental office can screen your mouth thoroughly without having to swab, prod, or poke around uncomfortably.

Visit Your Ridgefield Dentist

It’s important to stay two steps ahead of potential health problems. When oral cancer is detected in its preliminary stages the survival rate is upwards to 80-90%! In contrast, the majority of patients diagnosed in the later stages will not live longer than 5 more years. The choice is ultimately yours. Dr. Jones and Dr. Franzese are here to help patients that wish to be proactive in their oral health journey. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today.


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