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December 28, 2016

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Your pediatric dentist in Ridgefield, CT for complete care.As a parent, you want to ensure your child develops and maintains a healthy, beautiful smile. The foundation to a lifelong heathy smile relies on early dental care. The American Dental Association recommends everyone over the age of two visits their dentist twice a year for preventive care. However, when it comes to children, it is best to choose a pediatric dentist in Ridgefield, CT. Children have different oral health needs than adults. Not to mention, children have different comfort levels. A pediatric dentist is specially trained to cater to the unique needs of children.

Why Does My Child Need to See a Dentist?

Everyone needs to see the dentist, no matter their age. Preventive care is vital to ensuring oral health is maintained. Even baby teeth require preventive care. Preventive dental appointments are needed to clean the teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This is especially true for children who often do not have the best oral hygiene habits.

In addition to a professional cleaning, a comprehensive checkup is needed to monitor oral health. With early intervention, this lessens the risk of costly or invasive dental treatments in the future. For children, we are able to predict the development of the adult teeth, allowing us to provide the appropriate treatments to ensure the adult teeth erupt correctly and stay healthy.

During the examination, we also provide certain preventive treatments to help children maintain their oral health. For example, we provide fluoride treatments to help build strong, healthy enamel to prevent cavities. We also apply dental sealants, which are a protective barrier to seal out the development of tooth decay.

What Should I Expect During the Appointment?

If your child has never visited the dentist before, you and your child may have some concerns and feel a bit apprehensive. We want you and your child to feel at ease when in our office. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have prior to the appointment. We encourage you to talk with your child about the upcoming appointment. Explain what they can expect during the appointment and discuss the importance of oral care. For added comfort, feel free to stop by our office for a tour prior to the appointment.

During the initial appointment, we will discuss your child’s dental health, concerns, medical history, and oral hygiene habits. We will take x-rays to gain a deeper insight into their oral health. We will clean their teeth and perform a comprehensive checkup. In addition, we may recommend treatments to ensure their teeth stay strong and healthy.

As a pediatric dentist, our dental team understands that children have unique oral health needs and comfort levels. We cater to those unique needs to ensure you and your child are comfortable. We will work as a team with you and your child to create a road map to oral health.

If your child needs a preventive appointment, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. You are in good hands with Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center.

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