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February 28, 2016

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Smile again with a root canal in Ridgefield that you can trust.You’re enjoying that meal out at your favorite restaurant when the pain sets in. A lingering ache that doesn’t quite go away after eating puts a real damper on the evening. Pain when you’re biting or chewing the next day definitely indicates that you should see your dentist. If you need a root canal in Ridgefield, Dr. Dana Jones and Dr. Josephine Franzese are the Ridgefield dentists you can trust.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Not all dental pain indicates the need for a root canal. Some of the telltale signs however, could be pain when you’re biting or chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold, and swelling or tenderness of gums in the affected area. These signs can indicate that your tooth is infected or abscessed, which will require a root canal.

Root canal therapy has earned a bad reputation over the years with many patients thinking that the treatment is painful. Modern dentistry has made a lot of progress with this treatment and most patients today will tell you that it’s not root canal therapy that causes their pain, but rather the infection. A root canal actually removes infection and potentially saves your tooth from extraction. You will need a dental restoration to strengthen your tooth after a root canal, but you will have your natural tooth structure in tact.

What is a Root Canal?

Your dentist will take an x-ray of your painful tooth to determine if there is decay, infection or damage to your root, and root canal therapy is necessary. They will numb your tooth and make a small hole in it so they can remove the infected root or pulp. They may fill the hole with temporary filling material after the infection is removed in order to seal and protect your tooth from further trauma.

You will feel relief from your pain immediately after the infection is removed, however your dentist may still want you take an antibiotic. After your tooth has healed from the root canal therapy, your dentist will strengthen your tooth with a permanent filling or porcelain crown. Your tooth will need to be “rebuilt” after root canal therapy in order to protect its integrity.

If you’re experiencing dental pain, it’s important not to ignore it and wait for it to go away on its own. Waiting for treatment will only lead to further infection to your body and damage to your tooth. If you need a root canal in 06877, contact Ridgefield Perfect Smile Center and get in to see Dr. Jones or Dr. Franzese right away. We provide state of the art dental treatment and have years of experience in helping patients with root canal therapy and other dental emergencies. Don’t let dental pain ruin your day; contact us as soon as possible.

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